HNL Physiotherapie

Unterlindau 58

60323 Frankfurt


Tel: 069 - 4699 2339

By appointment only.

​​Parking space for clients are avaiable right next to the building via Eppsteiner Straße.

The clinic is accessible via a lift.

The Unterlindau 58 is located opposite Florastyle flower shop and the hairdressers of Frieseure Ilona Bausch.

The bus stop "Eppsteiner Straße" of bus route 36 is directly in front the door.

Partners of HNL:

Sport Club SC 1880 Fankfurt Rugby - Matthias Hähnel von HNL Physiotherapie ist Physiotherapeut der ersten Mannschaft, die amtierender Deutscher Meister im Rugby ist.
Eintracht Franfurt Rugby - Matthias Hähnel Physiothrapeut in Vertretung
Logo Lemniscus - Termine für HNL Physiotherapie können ganz leicht online vereinbart werden. Machen Sie noch heute einen Termin mit dem Physiotherapeuten aus.
Logo rehathlon - mit der Software kann für die Physiotherapie Patienten ein Trainingsplan geschrieben werden. Sportler können so gezielt nach ihrer Sportverletzung trainieren und Schmerzpatienten sicher ihre moderate Belastung bei Schmerzen beüben.
Mit den Öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln des RMV in die Praxi von HNL Physiotherapie ins Wested von Frankfurt fahren - hier finden Sie die Verbindunganfrage

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Medical care for Athletes

Due to my athletic background in endurance and team sports, I am used to setting the bar higher every day. The Bundesliga pros of SC 1880 Frankfurt Rugby also trust in this approach.

Whether after an acute injury, an operation or painful movements, we will leave nothing to chance and together exceed your self-imposed goals.

Sports physiotherapy at HNL - what to expect?

Define goals

First of all, we - athlete and physiotherapists - will define a common goal in treatment and plan the way there. This depends on the athletic background and the specific injury clinic. Elite athletes will be able to subordinate much to their comeback, while less ambitious athletes will strive for maximum success with the least possible effort.

Sports Physiotherapy

During the time spent in the physio clinic in the Westend, we will discuss and practice exercises for your rehab plan. In addition, the physiotherapist will use various methods such as manual therapy, fascia techniques or massages to assist the athlete in his regeneration and rehabilitation in the best possible way. If necessary, it is possible to provide the body further support with strapping and taping to enable a safe training and prevent a reinjury.

Training and exercise outside the physio clinic

In sports injuries, it is important to complete the right exercises regardless of the sports physiotherapist and the treatment. In order for the athlete to gain the best possible safety, the individual exercises can be viewed and imitated online at rehathlon. A complete training plan for rehabilitation, injury prevention or for more health can be written, too.


Which sports are right for HNL Physiotherapy?

Basically every one. Should it become too specific, HNL has a competence network for sports medicine in the Frankfurt area and will find the right sports physiotherapist and health professional for the athlete.

As an athlete, I have always been active and have even completed triathlon as an ambitious competitive athlete. However, the active experience continues: rugby, football, swimming, athletics, crossfit and dancing (ballroom dance).