HNL Physiotherapie

Unterlindau 58

60323 Frankfurt


Tel: 069 - 4699 2339

By appointment only.

​​Parking space for clients are avaiable right next to the building via Eppsteiner Straße.

The clinic is accessible via a lift.

The Unterlindau 58 is located opposite Florastyle flower shop and the hairdressers of Frieseure Ilona Bausch.

The bus stop "Eppsteiner Straße" of bus route 36 is directly in front the door.

Partners of HNL:

Sport Club SC 1880 Fankfurt Rugby - Matthias Hähnel von HNL Physiotherapie ist Physiotherapeut der ersten Mannschaft, die amtierender Deutscher Meister im Rugby ist.
Eintracht Franfurt Rugby - Matthias Hähnel Physiothrapeut in Vertretung
Logo Lemniscus - Termine für HNL Physiotherapie können ganz leicht online vereinbart werden. Machen Sie noch heute einen Termin mit dem Physiotherapeuten aus.
Logo rehathlon - mit der Software kann für die Physiotherapie Patienten ein Trainingsplan geschrieben werden. Sportler können so gezielt nach ihrer Sportverletzung trainieren und Schmerzpatienten sicher ihre moderate Belastung bei Schmerzen beüben.
Mit den Öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln des RMV in die Praxi von HNL Physiotherapie ins Wested von Frankfurt fahren - hier finden Sie die Verbindunganfrage

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Who is HNL?

Matthias Hähnel: Physiotherapist. Heilpraktiker. Athlete.

Movement is life - and has always been part of my life. My early involvement in a wide variety of sports ignited my passion to become a physiotherapist. I have gained a wealth of experience through my engangement in swimming, athletics, triathlon (short-track to Ironman), football and rugby, both as an athlete and practicioner. In addition to my work at the clinic, I am one of the senior physiotherapists of the medical care team for the Bundesliga and youth players at SC 1880 Frankfurt Rugby.


I completed my Education at the Orthopedic University Hospital Friedrichsheim in Frankfurt. Since 2011 I have been working as a physiotherapist.


The Heilpraktikererlaubnis (non-medical practitioner permit) in Germany was granted to me on 31.01.2018 by the district committee of the Main-Kinzig-Kreis - Gesundheitsamt. This allows me to examine and treat you directly without a doctor's prescription.


Through constant education and learning (both manual & theoretical) I strive to achive the best possible individual result.

  • Physiotherapist

  • Heilpraktiker

  • Mulligan Concept

  • Explain Pain Supercharged
    (Prof. Moseley)

  • Myofascial Release

  • Fascial Distortion Model by Typaldos

  • Medical Flossing

  • Kinesiotaping (K-Active, Rocktape)

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine for Physiotherapists

Wer ist HNL?
Wer ist HNL?